Chapter 08: On the bus

Meiling was located on the edge of WL District. It was a famous tourist attraction in Jiangbei City. It was surrounded by mountains and had beautiful scenery. Many people would go there for outings and campings. In addition, if the locals visited there, the ticket was only 20 per person. If someone had 50 yuan, the extra money would be reserved for everyone to eat and play.

Based on the experience Gu Xia had of driving by himself from the square to Meiling in his previous life, it would take about an hour and a half to get there. It was almost noon. Everyone in the bus was chatting, and some were playing on their mobile phones. Gu Xia sat with Fatty sitting in the seat beside him. Fatty was looking at his phone and laughing, Gu Xia glanced at it and found that this guy was reading one of those perverted womanizer novels. He was reading, smiling, and the expression on his face was lewd. Gu Xia was speechless. In this day and age, unlike in the future, there was a great shortage of entertainment.  

These days online literature was particularly popular. After all, there were still more teenage boys reading novels these days. And those boys liked to read some womanizing novels. How many wives did they have to have! More than ten! Novels that are written in a special way were very popular.

Gu Xia could honestly claim that he had no love for such novels both in his past life and this life.

Moreover, as a reborn person, he had already read the novels written by other great writers. After reading all those novels, it was boring to read them again, so he did not read them. It was better to rest and sleep in the bus when he had time.

“Ahem! Everyone be quiet, I just asked the driver, it will take more than an hour to get to Meiling, and it’s boring to sit in the bus. I happened to bring a microphone and stereo from home, why don’t you all sing? We will sing and pass the time. How about it?” Li Xia, the class leader, took out a microphone and a small speaker from her backpack and spoke up.


Everyone responded happily. Even Fatty stopped reading novels and stared straight at the microphone. KTV singing culture was quite high these days. After taking classes, they basically hadn’t gotten the time to visit karaoke that much. So at the moment singing was still a very fun activity for everyone. (Goblin: Karaoke Television.)

Gu Xia shook his head helplessly. He wanted to sleep, but now he couldn’t. Gu Xia couldn’t help but be a little puzzled. He couldn’t remember if he had such a party in his previous life. Although he went to the factory in his previous life, he still went there at the end of July. If there was a party, he should remember it, but Gu Xia had no impression of it at all. Could it be that due to his rebirth there was a butterfly effect?

“Class leader, you go first, you are so beautiful, you must sing well.” A boy suggested.

Li Xia smiled at the boy when she heard the words, and the boy suddenly had an excited look on his face. At first glance, you could tell that this guy had a secret crush on Li Xia, and some other boys who had a secret crush on Li Xia suddenly secretly hated themselves for not taking this opportunity to express themselves.

“Okay, I’ll start first. I’m not good at singing. Don’t laugh at me.” Li Xia didn’t delay. The audio microphone was originally from her own home, and she usually sang at home, so she still had a sense of her own level. She had confidence, plus boys and girls of this age, who didn’t like to express themselves?

The two teachers watched with great interest. After all, the university entrance examination was over, and everyone wanted to have a good time.

“Then let me sing a song of courage to everyone!” Li Xia cleared her throat after speaking.

  ”Finally made the decision

  I don’t care what others say

  So long as you are also certain

  Love only needs courage

  To face the world

  As long as you are certain

  My love is meaningful…”

It must be said that Li Xia’s singing was very good. After singing, everyone applauded enthusiastically and praised her.

“Then who will be next?” Li Xia asked after singing.

Gu Xia looked at the expressions on many people’s faces, and saw that even Fatty was hesitating.

Gu Xia looked at Fatty and suddenly had a fun idea.

When Fatty was not paying attention, he pushed him hard, forced the still hesitating Fatty out of his seat, then pointed at him and said, “Li Yuanbao wants to sing.”

Gu Xia gave Fatty, who was still a bit confused, a cheering look, completely ignoring Fatty’s resentful glare.

“Okay then, next Li Yuanbao will sing.” Li Xia shouted with the microphone.

Everyone in the bus looked at Fatty, and he suddenly felt a little weak in his knee. When had he experienced such a situation where so many people were watching! His face was flushed all of a sudden, but Fatty still went to the front of the bus to take the microphone.

Gu Xia looked at the red-faced fat man and couldn’t help laughing.


“Come on, sing, Fatty!”

“Come down if you can’t sing, I’ll sing.”

When the others saw Fatty standing there and not singing, they all laughed at him.

When Fatty heard all this, his face turned even redder. Gu Xia saw Fatty looking at him, and immediately gave him an encouraging look and gave him a thumbs up.

Maybe Gu Xia’s encouragement played a role, and Fatty sang without saying anything more. He sang the “Red Sun” of Hong Kong singer Li Keqin, but Fatty’s voice was not suitable for this song. Although he worked really hard to sing it correctly, this song needed to be sung very fast, and it was also a Cantonese song, so Fatty couldn’t keep up with the tune.


There was a burst of boos in the bus, and it made singing even more unbearable for Fatty.

“Fatty, don’t go up if you can’t sing. Do you want everyone to see your fat face?” A boy sitting behind Gu Xia laughed. (Goblin: I just don’t get why people are so mean to fat people. It’s the same for short people as well. We are all just trying to live, and living is quite hard already. So why not leave them be. Don’t think that this only happens in novels and dramas. This happens a lot in reality as well.)

Hearing those words, Fatty could no longer continue singing. He lowered his head and put down the microphone, ready to go back to his seat.

But seeing Gu Xia get up and walk in front of the person who just laughed at him, Fatty thought that he was going to stand up for him, and hurriedly stepped forward to hold him back, but Gu Xia patted his hand, indicating that it was okay.

Everyone else in the bus also looked over, afraid that Gu Xia would hit someone, they were all ready to take action.

Gu Xia looked at the thin and weak boy with glasses in front of him. He just knew that his name was Li Cheng. The guy looked at him with a frightened expression, with his hands in front of his chest, for fear that Gu Xia would hit him.

“Did you think I’ll hit you? You’re wrong, I won’t hit you, I’m just here to tell you some things. Just now you were laughing at Fatty for singing badly, but Fatty at least had the courage to go to the microphone, how about you? Do you dare? When you laughed at Fatty for being fat, did you take a closer look at yourself, you look like you suffer from severe kidney deficiency, and your hair probably hasn’t been washed for a week?”

“And there is this stench on your body, it’s so bad that even the flies are staying away from you. Just look at the classmate next to you, although he is sitting with you, even he is ashamed to see your actions. In fact, he dislikes your actions very much.”

“Oh… by the way, what is your name? Sorry I forgot! Although we have been in the same class for so many years, you couldn’t even make me remember your name! You are like a transparent person, it’s pitiful! When you saw that Fatty couldn’t sing well, you laughed hard at him, so as to make yourself more noticeable, but you are wrong, when you laugh at others, first you should see if you yourself are any better!” Gu Xia said expressionlessly. (Goblin: I think that’s enough MC, you are now walking into the realm of hypocrisy.)

Everyone else in the bus, including the teachers, looked at Gu Xia in astonishment. They didn’t expect that this boy, who was usually so taciturn in the class, would insult someone so badly.

Li Cheng was left speechless by Gu Xia’s words and his face turned red. When he was told off by Gu Xia, he felt that the situation was really bad. But he said angrily, “Who do you think you are? Who are you to say that to me? You thought I didn’t see it, you pushed Fatty out just now, and he didn’t want to go at all. Wasn’t it because you pushed him, that he had to sing? Or do you think it’s okay to push others?”

“Yes, Fatty was pushed out by me, I admit it, but at least Fatty dares to sing, how about you? Let’s give you the microphone, do you dare to sing? Can you sing?” Gu Xia continued.

“Yes, I don’t dare to sing, and I can’t sing. I have never sung with a microphone, but what about you? Do you dare to sing? Can you sing? Don’t pretend to be a big-tailed wolf here, thinking you are some big deal!” Li Cheng asked Gu Xia provocatively with bloodshot eyes due to anger.

“Hehe, you said I didn’t dare to sing? And I can’t sing? What a joke, then listen with your ears and see if I can sing or not! But if I sing well, then you have to apologize to Fatty, and if I don’t sing well, then I will apologize to you. Do you dare to gamble?”

“Okay, who’s afraid of who?”

Gu Xia walked to the microphone and said to the class leader, “Class leader, do you mind if I sing?”

“Okay, you can sing!” Li Xia looked at Gu Xia with surprised eyes and said.

Gu Xia took the microphone, looked at the people in the bus and said, “I’ll give you a song that best expresses my mood right now.”

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