Chapter 15: Option (part 3)

They were definitely the test scripts from a few days ago.

The Principal took out the papers, put them on the table, and then started talking.

“It was quite shocking to say the least. Because what you wrote directly clashed with the mainstream theory of summoning in our world. If it was in any other circumstances, we would have been given it zero points, but…”

The Principal, as well as the faculty of the academy didn’t do that. They must have found out that the knowledge contained in the scripts actually worked, and that the information were true.

The Principal’s eyes begin to twinkle as she stared at me.

“I won’t ask where you got this knowledge or what you really are.”

“It that so?”

“What, aren’t you a cadet of our academy? My role is to protect the cadets and lead them to a better future.”

In the end, the Principal was indeed the only true educator in the academy. She was very popular because of her character in the game, and I was also one of the users who liked her.

It felt quite refreshing to hear the speech of a true educator.

“Then why did you call me here?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I called you because I wanted to hear your interpretation in person. No matter how I try, there are many things I don’t understand…”


I quickly forgot about the bothersome scented tea, and started commenting on the test script.


Krruung! Kwoong, Kwoong!

The sound of thunder and lightning was heard from the outside as the Principal lifted her head to look out the window.

About an hour had passed since I started commenting on the test script.

After confirming that quite a lot of time had passed, the Principal leaned back on the chair and coughed.

“Looks like I took too much of your time. My apologies. This will also be reflected in the score.”

“Principal, it’s okay even if you don’t do that…”

“Oh, is that so? You even finished first in the competition, right?”


Since everything was already perfect, I had no need for more points. So I refused the extra points she offered to give me.

The Principal smiled slightly as if she had expected it, and then looked out the window at the rain that was pouring like crazy.

“Then it’s fine. You can go. It’s raining quite a lot, so don’t get into trouble on the way and go back to your room right away.”

“It’s the same building, so what trouble can there be?”

“Well, you never know what will happen with the spirit of youth…”

As she said that, she fell into reminiscences as if she was recalling her youth, which shouldn’t be that long ago.

I looked at her for a moment, then got up, and bowed my head to show respect.

“Then, I’ll be leaving.”

“Be careful. It was fun today.”

“It was the same for me as well.”

After saying those words, I left the Principal’s office and slowly returned to the dormitory.

The torrential rain and constant lightning was creating a terrible scene as if today was the end of the world.

‘Why is it raining so much?’

Even compared to my previous world, I didn’t seem like a normal rain. Since it seemed like it would go on for a while, I decided to close the window.

In the hallway, without a single light, the clock returned every time the thunder flashed, and the scene felt like a scene from a horror movie.

‘It’s like a horror movie.’

Thinking again, it was an undeniable fact that this world was also close to a horror movie.

It was a world that was about to perish—a world fated to perish without the protagonist’s actions.

‘Chapter 1 of the novel gave off that feeling…’

In the story, the demons suddenly began to appear everywhere, and the main character, who was only a cadet, had to expend a lot of effort into developing himself (now, herself) in order to defeat the demons.

For example, the academy’s defenses were breached due to poor maintenance.

“You can’t even see an inch ahead because of the rain.”

For example, the protagonist accidentally discovered that the instructor’s who went out to investigate were attacked and seriously injured.

“Because of the thunder, you wouldn’t even be able to call for help.”

The moment all the information came together like a puzzle, I involuntarily cried out, “F*ck!!!”

Then, I quickly shot forward.

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