Chapter 16: Rain (part 1)

I just blindly ran through the rain.

After running for a long time, I realized that I wasn’t actually going anywhere.

‘I’m way too much agitated.’

For a moment, my head began to spin, and I couldn’t think rationally. So, I had to hold my breath and tried to think rationally.

‘What should I do first?’

I began to organize the steps I had to take.

The most important thing was to make sure that the protagonist was safe.


‘I should check where she usually is…’

Where was she usually supposed to be?

‘The girl’s dormitory?’

I immediately summoned Anna.

[Master? Are you okay?]

“Find Noah!”

[Yes? Where should I do that…]

“Go to the girl’s dormitory and find Noah, and if you don’t find her, come right back to me. Understand?”

[—Yes, I understand.]

Realizing that the situation was serious, Anna quickly ran to the dormitory.

Her speed was really like the wind, so I thought it would be optimal to let her do it.

Looking back, I regained my breath, and my thoughts gradually became stable.

At the same time, as it was raining, I felt my body begin to rapidly cool down.

Even the hot sweat from the running began to feel cold.

However, there was no time, as I figured out what to do next.

‘If the protagonist is not in the dormitory, there is a 100% possibility that she is under attack.’

It was the same with the game. 

The protagonist would be accidentally attacked by demons even if she was on just a casual walk..

If so, chances were high that she was currently in a similar situation. She must be fighting a demon somewhere.

‘It’ll be fine…’

I wasn’t really sure, but blind faith based on the game’s story stabilized my mind.

‘Noah will be safe. This is the academy, where you’d hit a random summoner if you casually throw a stone.’

In the story, the instructors find a cave dug by the demons and discover that someone had helped the demon’s enter the academy.

The original story was that after fighting with the demons at the end of the cave, the instructor’s faint, and the protagonist defeats the remaining demons.

It was an early quest that could be cleared even with a 1-star account.

[Master, I’m here.]

“What about Noah?”

[She wasn’t in the dormitory. No one knew where she went.]

Anna returned after a while and gave her report. Again, as I thought, there was a high possibility that Noah was fighting a battle somewhere. Now the question was, where was it?

‘The area is too large.’

The places you could go to in the game were limited, and you didn’t have to worry about where the battle took place, as it took place from the protagonist’s point of view in the first place.

However, this was reality, and the entire academy was the setting, so  it was impossible to even know where and what Noah, the protagonist, was doing.

Suddenly, I remembered a certain something and looked at Anna.

To be precise, I remembered the information on her status window.

The Paladin of Salvation, saved over tens of thousands of people and saved the country. So her prayers reached the heaven.


It was just a line of text from a description in the game.

It was an unscientific belief that logical and rational gamers had no reason to believe.


“Right now, demons have invaded somewhere in the academy.”

[Is that so? I don’t feel any signs.]

“Pray to your god, pray and ask where they are.”

That was the only thing I could rely on at the moment.

After hearing my words, Anna smiled and put her hands together, then prayed to the sky.

The dark clouds blocked the sky to the extent that it seemed that it was also done by the demons.

But, nevertheless, Anna continued to pray.



The deep dark cloud that obscured my view and seemed to block all the paths leading to heaven were pierced through by the beam of bright sun light.

The light of the sun, which shined from afar, became a medium to convey the will of a more distant God.


The paladin slowly opened her eyes and smiled lightly.

“I will guide you.”

According to heaven’s guidance!

Then, Anna grabbed me and flew into the sky.

* * *

[Noah’s POV]

“Ham..haah..ha! Come on, Terraman. Are you okay?”

[Pooh hoohk…]

It was raining.

The rain fell like crazy and wet the ground.

Her summon, which had the earth attribute, couldn’t properly handle the wet and muddy soil.

Thanks to that, the fight that should have ended immediately was getting longer and longer.


Fortunately, the demon she was dealing with was also a fire-wielding demon, so it wasn’t able to properly exert its powers in the rain.

Frrutth! Frrutth!

Every time its flaming nostril exhaled, vapor spread out in the pouring rain.

And, startled by the evaporative heat, the demon hesitated to approach. It seemed to think that the rain was the ability of Noah’s summoned being.



However, the demon couldn’t stand it anymore and carried out a [Flesh Bullet] attack. It’s ability to breathe fire was being limited, but it’s physical ability was still there.


Seeing the demon rushing to close the distance in an instant, Noah immediately used her Origin Art.

The ability to build solid earth walls. 

The demon looked at the wall and hesitated, but it still rushed forward.


Unfortunately, the earth wall that would have blocked the attack, had turned into a a mud wall due to the falling rain. Although the mud could slow the speed of the attacking demon, it couldn’t stop it.


Mud scattered in all directions, targeting Noah and her summon. 

Noah hurriedly crouched down to dodge the mud that was coming at her like a bullet.

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