Chapter 16: Rain (part 2)

[Noah’s POV]

And in the meantime, the summoned creature, who had to fight one-on-one with the demon without its summoner, was instantly subdued by the demon.

“Nooohh, Terraman!”

[Pooh, pooh…]


The demon grunted and separated the body and head of the summoned creature with its claws. 

Watching her summoned creature reduced into spatters and disappear, Noah felt terrified and began to tremble.

‘Argh! I have to run away…’

She knew that she had to run away…but she couldn’t.

Noah’s eyes caught the sight of the instructors who were injured and unconscious.

What would happen if she ran away? The demon would target the instructors who were fallen on the floor.

And, they would would die without any resistance.

The instructors were all nobles, it was their duty to face the demons. So it would be an honorable death.

The thought that it would be okay to abandon them and run away, began to creep up within Noah’s heart.

“No…that wouldn’t be right, no!”

Unlike herself, who only had a 1-star summon, all the instructors were the hope of mankind with 3-star summons. Each of them were capable of doing what hundreds of people like her could do. So she couldn’t just give up and run away.

“Hhmmph, come on!”

Grabbing her trembling legs, Noah stood up, then she confronted the demon with her on her own.

Fight and win? 

It would be impossible. Even knights who had trained their entire lives couldn’t hope to fight against demons and win. However, it would be possible for her to buy them enough time. It was raining quite heavily, so the instructors who had passed out should open their eyes at any moment.

She only had to stall for that much time…that short amount of time.

“I will not…let you harm the instructors!”

Drops of rain falling from the sky blurred Noah’s vision. 

Yes, it was rain. not her tears.

Rather than being frightened by the demon, she faced it head on, blocking the path of the demon.

‘It was like this back then too.’

A scene flashes through Noah’s mind. 

Shortly after the entrance ceremony, when she was wandering around after having failed to make any friends due her status as a commoner, she was suddenly attacked by the demons.

How did she survive then?

‘Ian…he saved me.’

He was a prince riding a white horse, as he appeared from nowhere.

But wishing for a miracle like that to happen again would be illogical.

Because she wasn’t a princess. No prince would come to rescue the muddy Cinderella.


The demon let out a howl and rushed towards Noah. 

Seeing the demon flying like a lightning bolt from afar, Noah tightly closed her eyes.

She wasn’t a least bit confident that she would be able to block that charge with her body. But she had the confidence to struggle like a cockroach.

Never underestimate the tenacity of a pheasant girl.


And then, Noah flew away with a crushing shock to her limbs and intestines.


There were no cute screams of a maiden in distress. 

No, it just didn’t come out. 

There were just tears welling up in pain, and her limbs began to tremble.


The demon habitually growled, and looked at Noah with annoyed expression.

Noah met those eyes and immediately understood.

‘Haah, I’m going to die…’

The moment she sensed it, an indescribable fear took over her body. Her muscles became tense and she couldn’t move her body at all. She just prayed in her heart.

‘God, I’m not going to ask you to save me…but please save those fallen instructors over there.’

With that thought in mind, she slowly closed her eyes.


But no matter how much she waited, the end did come.

‘Is my brain paralyzed because of the pain, or did I die before I could even feel the pain?’

Noah slowly opened her eyes and saw the backs of two people standing in front of him. 

One was a male cadet, wearing the same academy cadet uniform as herself, and the other was a paladin in full body armor with wings on her back.

‘Ah, god…thank you very much…’

At the end of that thought, Noah passed out.

* * *

[Ian’s POV]

“Noah! Noah?”

I got no response even after calling for a while. 

‘Is she dead?’ 

Was it even possible for the protagonist to die so easily?

[Master, she’s just unconscious.]

“Eh…is that so?”

[Yes. I know because I used to faint a lot when I was young.]

Fortunately, Anna realized that Noah had just passed out. 

Hearing that, I was relieved and looked around.

I could tell just how intense the battle was. The surrounding environment was in disarray, and the instructors, who were supposed to be 3-star summoners had passed out and collapsed.

There was only one demon left, and it was the lowest level demon that even a common 1-star summons could easily defeat.

‘Did they get injured while fighting the other demons?’

Reaching that conclusion, I looked at Anna and ordered her to take care of the demon. As expected of a 3-star summoned being, she quickly dealt with the demon and returned.

“Now then…what do we do about the instructors?”

[Gather them in one place. I will treat them.]

“Do you know how to do that?”

[Master, I am a paladin.]

She didn’t have that ability in the game. However, thinking about it agin, a paladin was also a kind of priest, and it was normal for them to have the ability to heal injuries, so there was nothing strange about it.

After the fallen people were gathered in one place, Anna began to pray. 

Similar to what happened earlier, a hole was made through the dark clouds, and a beam of light shot down towards the injured.

The beam of light this time was so strong that it even drove away the dark cloud completely!

As the darkness subsided, the people who had come out to check the situation arrived one by one.

Watching the crowd transporting patients, and seeing Noah being carried away, I sighed in relief.

‘I’m glad.’

Glad that she didn’t die.

Ermmm…that thought made it seem like I was in love with her.

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