Chapter 30: Planning for the future

When Gu Xia came home and opened the door, the house was completely dark. Gu Xia turned on the light and saw that there was no one at home, and there was no trace of anyone eating. He couldn’t help but be a little puzzled. It should be his Dad’s birthday today! So why was no one at home?

Gu Xia took out his mobile phone and called his father, but didn’t get an answer. So, he called his mom again, and the phone call connected.

“Xia Xia, why did you call? Are you out of money?” Mom said with a smile.

Gu Xia smiled bitterly when he heard her words, was he the kind of person who often asked his family for money?

“No, Mom, isn’t today Dad’s birthday? I came home, but there’s no one here, and Dad didn’t answer the call, so I asked you.” Gu Xia asked.

“You’re back? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? We’re having dinner at the hotel. It’s your Uncle Gu Yun’s Mengxuan Hotel. It’s on Xinjian Avenue. Come over here. Your aunt Zhang and Jingjing are there too.” Tang Chunhua was pleasantly surprised when she heard that Gu Xia was back.

“Okay, I’ll go there right away.” Gu Xia replied.

Gu Xia closed the door and went out and took a taxi. After all, it would take more than 20 minutes to walk there.

At the entrance of Mengxuan Hotel, Gu Xia paid the money and walked through its magnificent gate. The lighting inside was like daytime. There were two sections in the hotel, one for dinner and one for parties. 

Gu Xia could see across the window, that the hotel was pretty overcrowded, and there were people toasting to each other everywhere. There were two rows of  beauties in cheongsams welcoming the guests standing at the entrance of the hotel. (G: The cheongsam, also known as the qipao, is a Chinese dress worn by women. It is most often seen as a longer, figure-fitting, one piece garment with a standing collar, an asymmetric left-over-right opening and two side slits.)

When Gu Xia walked to the door of the hotel, they immediately bent down and shouted, “Welcome!”

Gu Xia nodded secretly. It was understandable why Uncle Gu Yun made a fortune in a short period of time in his previous life. The service alone was very good. In fact, the meals in the hotel were almost the same quality.

“Hello, sir, how many people do you have for dinner?” The man at the front desk asked.

“Take me to the 3-6 box.” Gu Xia smiled.

“Okay, please come this way.” A waiter led the way.

Gu Xia followed the waiter all the way to the inside. The decoration  inside was more ancient style, and the walls of the seats were old, which gave it an antique look.

At the door of the box, the waiter opened the door, and Gu Xia saw his dad and others sitting there and eating. There was a big cake in the middle of the table.

“Xia Xia is here, come in quickly.” Gu Feng smiled.

“Dad, happy birthday!” Gu Xia walked in and smiled, and handed the gift to Dad.

“Haha~ My son is so attentive. He noticed his dad’s belt was old, and he bought a new one for me.” Gu Xia said with a smile.

“Brother, why are you back?” Gu Qin blinked her eyes and asked.

“What nonsense, it’s Dad’s birthday. So why won’t I come back?” Gu Xia patted her head and replied.

“Brother Xiaoxia” Li Jingjing called out sweetly. (G: Xiaoxia = Little Xia)

Gu Xia nodded to her with a smile, and then spoke to Aunt Zhang next to her, “Hello Aunt Zhang!”

“Okay, Xiao Xia, sit down and eat.” Aunt Zhang smiled.

“Dad, where is mom?” Gu Xia asked when he saw that his mom was not there.

“Your mom went to talk to Aunt Liu. Ah…Aunt Liu is your Uncle Gu Yun’s wife, you haven’t seen her before.” Gu Feng explained.

“Oh.” Gu Xia nodded and replied.

“Xiao Xia, is your study okay?” Aunt Zhang asked.

“Fortunately, the courses in the freshman year are very loose.” Gu Xia smiled.

“Next year, Jingjing and I will also go to university, and we will go to a university that is better than you, humm!” Gu Qin said softly from the side.

“Ha ha ha…”

Gu Feng and Aunt Zhang both laughed together.

“Okay, you have to do what you say.” Gu Xia said with a smile.

“Hmph! Of course, we will. Right Jingjing?” Gu Qin asked Li Jingjing.

“Hmm.” Li Jingjing also smiled and nodded.

“Oh! What are you talking about that makes you look so happy?” At that moment, Tang Chunhua came in and asked.


After the meal was finished with everyone happy, Gu Feng drove everyone back in their car.

Gu Xia was sitting in the car and smelled the fresh smell in the car. It didn’t take long for them to buy a car, and there was still a new smell. This car was a Volkswagen Touran. It was a bit similar to the Wuling Hongguang in the future, but its configuration was definitely better than the Wuling Hongguang. After all, it cost a lot more. 

“Xia Xia, how is this car? Is it okay?” Gu Feng asked.

“Yes, this car is big enough to sit comfortably.” Gu Xia said with a smile.

After returning home, Gu Xia sat on the sofa and said to Gu Feng, “Dad, do you have any intentions to open a decoration company?”

“Hmm…why are you suddenly asking about this?” Gu Feng, who was drinking water, wondered.

“Dad, I think although you have invested in the hotel, it is after all not your own business. If you open a decoration company, then you can be your own boss, and you don’t have to do things by yourself anymore. You can leave it to others. You only need to coordinate the overall situation, so that you can earn more money without having to work so hard yourself.”

Gu Xia continued, “Plus, you may have also felt that now, more and more people are buying houses. So when there are more people buying houses, don’t all their houses need to be decorated? Therefore, it is safe to open a decoration company now. And even if it doesn’t make much money now, the company will be there, and its popularity will increase with time. The company will become an old local brand! Do you think everyone will choose an old brand or a new brand for decoration?” Gu Xia had already thought about it and analyzed it.

“I also thought about opening a decoration company before, but the most important issue is the problem of manpower. It is important to solve the manpower problem in the early stage. Otherwise, even if I start the business, it will be superfluous if I have no skilled workers.” Gu Feng pondered for a few minutes and expressed his thoughts.

“That is not a problem anymore! Dad, you know so many people who do decoration, and they know more people. We can give them more wages in the early stages, and even though the company will earn less, they will definitely be willing to work for us. “Gu Xia analyzed.

Gu Feng nodded.



The next day at dawn, Gu Xia arrived at the university in his father’s car.

“Dad, go back! Drive carefully.” Gu Xia waved at his father in the car.

“Okay, call me if you want anything.” Gu Feng said and drove away.

At this point, there was still no one on the university campus. After all, it was only seven o’clock. In summer, the sun rose at five o’clock. Gu Xia ran two laps in the field, went back to the dormitory to take a shower, went to have breakfast with Liu Shu and the others, and then returned to the dormitory after classes.

Gu Xia sat on the desk, and kept writing in his notebook. He was writing down some plans to make money. Although he was only a freshman, many things had to be planned in advance, otherwise, although he was reborn, a lot of things would be hard to remember when he needed them.

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