Chapter 50: Back to the countryside


Tu Sisi didn’t fall asleep right away, she remembered the picture of the license plate Gu Xia told her about. As soon as she clicked on the picture, her eyes suddenly became wet.

“That fool…”

“Why do I feel so moved!”

Tu Sisi was truly very moved. She could see the meaning of the license plate number at a glance.

And the most important thing was that Gu Xia still remembered what he said to her in their previous life.

It was not long after the two got married. Gu Xia wanted to buy a car, so he asked his father for some money, and then bought a car on mortgage. When it was time to choose the license plate number, she had said to Gu Xia, “Husband, it would be nice if the license plate number was my birthday, that would make me very happy.”

Unfortunately, the number was not available back then. And now, Gu Xia unexpectedly still remembered the words she had said such a long time ago. Tu Sisi felt so touched that she had the urge to cry.

If Gu Xia were here, Tu Sisi reckoned that she would throw him on the bed, and satisfy him every way he wanted.

Women were always such emotional creatures.

It’s a pity that Gu Xia didn’t know what Tu Sisi was thinking now, otherwise he would have flown to the United States immediately and ask Tu Sisi to help him unlock a new posture.


Soon, it was lunchtime.

Liu Shu and Wang Qun came back to the dormitory first. Seeing Gu Xia, Wang Qun smiled and said, “Third bro, what’s the good news today! Why are you suddenly inviting us to dinner? Did your girlfriend come back? Did you draw first blood? “

He knew that Gu Xia’s girlfriend was studying abroad, and Wang Qun deliberately joked about that.

“Fu*k you, you should be careful of your mouth if you want to eat dinner.” Gu Xia scolded him with a black line on his forehead.

“Hehe, we’ll go when the fourth bro comes back. Anyway, there is no class in the afternoon. It’s freezing cold today. It’s much colder than in the north. The cold doesn’t fall a dozen degrees below zero like this on the bank of Songhua River. In winter we just wear a few more clothes, that’s it. The humidity in Jiangbei is too heavy, and the cold is digging into the bones. We’ll need some liquor to warm up later.” Liu Shu rubbed his hands and complained.

“Haha~ that’s how the south is, the humidity is heavy.” Gu Xia laughed.

“Yo~ You guys are so fast!” Li Wen appeared at the door with his arms around Song Yiyi.

“You think everyone is like you? Not everyone has a girlfriend to hug!” Wang Qun pouted.

“You are a typical example of not being able to eat grapes and saying that the grapes are sour. Why, you and Li Feifei haven’t made it that far yet?” Li Wen laughed.

“Wang Qun, I heard Feifei say that you haven’t been looking for her recently! What’s going on? Didn’t you guys hit it off some time ago?” Song Yiyi laughed.

“Hahh… I always feel that she treats me like an ordinary friend. She’s quite indifferent, we haven’t made much progress. Hell, we haven’t even held hands. I don’t want to chase anymore, I’m too tired.” Wang Qun said with a sigh.

“You…you really don’t understand a girl’s heart! Feifei said that you don’t know how to take the initiative in what you do. Do you want the girl to take the initiative? If you want to hold her hand, or kiss her, you have to take the initiative, you can’t just expect the other party to take the initiative! Wang Qun, you are usually so eloquent, so why are you so slow in this regard?” Yiyi pouted.

“I…I…” Wang Qun’s face was flushed at the words, he wanted to refute but didn’t know how to refute.


Gu Xia and the others laughed when they saw him act like that.

The five came to a restaurant at the gate of the university, ordered a few dishes, and then the four of them drank wine and bragged.

They didn’t go back to the dormitory until they were a little drunk.

Gu Xia lay in bed and slept until midnight. Then he got up and ate something, and continued to sleep. It was snowing quite a lot this winter, he really didn’t know what else to do other than sleeping, it was just too cold outside.

The next day, Gu Xia received a call from his father early in the morning, saying that the old house of their grandfather’s house in the countryside had been crushed by the snow.

Originally, his father had long offered that the old house should be demolished and rebuilt as a one-story house, but his grandfather disagreed, saying that it was still possible to live in, so it would be a waste of money.

Who knew that the heavy snow accumulation for several days this month crushed the house. Fortunately, his grandparents went out to visit and were not injured. Otherwise, if the two old couples were to be crushed by the house, then it would be a disaster.

Gu Xia took a day off. It just so happened that the next day and the day after that would be a holiday, and so there was no need to go to class. The university curriculum has also been reduced a little in the past few days.

Gu Xia walked to the university parking space and was about to clear the snow on the car that had accumulated for the past two days. Seeing the security guard standing in the shed next to the parking space, Gu Xia walked over, took out a cigare*te and handed it over. Then he said with a smile, “It’s really hard to work on this snowy day, come and have a cigare*te.”

“Hehe, it’s okay. When I was in the army, it was more than minus 20 degrees in the north, and I had to stand in the snow all day.” The security took the cigare*te and smiled.

Gu Xia sincerely gave him a thumbs up and nodded with admiration.

“Are you going out?”

“Yes, I’m going back to the countryside for a visit.” Gu Xia replied.

“I’ll help you clear the snow, otherwise you’ll have to clear the snow for a long time alone.” said the security guard.

“Thank you then.”

It took them more than ten minutes to clear the snow from the car. After all, the snow was too thick and it was frozen solid.

Gu Xia took a pack of King Furong (cigare*te) from the car and gave it to the security guard. After thanking him for his help, he started the car. He sat in the car for a moment, and waited for the engine to get hot before leaving, otherwise the engine would be damaged.

Gu Xia wanted to go home first to pick up his mother. His father would go back to the countryside by himself first.

Gu Xia didn’t drive too fast along the way. After all, the road was slippery on snowy days, and even if he didn’t have an accident, he couldn’t guarantee that others would not have an accident while driving. He had to drive slowly and be safe.

Arriving downstairs, Gu Xia took out his mobile phone and called his mother.

“Hey Mom, I’m downstairs, come down!”

[Okay, I’ll come down now.]

Gu Xia opened the car window, lit a cigare*te, and turned on the music in the car.

Deng Ling, who had just come downstairs, saw Gu Xia sitting in a Mercedes-Benz. Deng Ling’s first reaction was that Gu Xia rented it from somewhere. Or, he had borrowed it from a friend. After all, he was a university student, and it was normal for him to know a friend who drove a Mercedes-Benz.

“Xia Xia, where did you get this car? You rented it? Why did you have to rent a car just to go back to the countryside! It’s a waste of money, when did you become such a spendthrift? Let me tell you, this is not a good habit, you understand?” Deng Ling said with a frown.

Gu Xia touched his nose when he heard her words, and smiled bitterly. He took out the driving license from the armrest box and gave it to his mother, and said, “Mom, you see, this is not rented, I bought it.”

Deng Ling took the driver’s license and looked at it. It was indeed her son’s name. Her expression changed and she asked sharply, “How could you have the money to buy such a good car? Last time you paid 200,000 to your father, I was a little suspicious. This time you also bought a Mercedes-Benz. Did you do something illegal outside?”

Gu Xia was helpless, and sighed. But he couldn’t blame his mother. If any parents saw their son who was studying in university, sending money back home and buying a Mercedes-Benz, it was normal for them to be suspicious. Gu Xia also understood his mother’s thoughts.

Fortunately, he was already prepared, so he took out his mobile phone and searched for “Modu Lingyun Technology Co. Ltd.” on the Internet.

Then he said, “Mom, didn’t I say last time that I did some business with a friend? Look at this Modu Lingyun Technology Co. Ltd., I am a legal shareholder of this company. My friend paid for the project, and I earned some money during this period of time. So I only paid 200,000 to Dad, and I will often have to go to the capital in the future, so I bought a car. Don’t you understand your son? Am I the kind of person who could go astray and do bad things? “

Deng Ling looked at the information of the Modu Lingyun Technology Co. Ltd. and heard what her son said, and only then she felt relieved, and said with an assured expression, “That’s good, you can’t go astray you understand? Although our family is not rich, but we are not short of money. It is good for you to start a company with your friends and earn money, but your studies can’t be ignored, understand?”

“Got it, Mom, don’t worry, get in the car!” Gu Xia replied with a smile.

Although his mother was nagging, she was also doing it for his own good, so Gu Xia was not impatient at all. If it were in his previous life, he would have interrupted his mother long ago.

“I hope so. Ahh… This car is comfortable, much more comfortable than your dad’s car.” Deng Ling said while sitting in the car, feeling it around.

Gu Xia smiled, can the Volkswagen Touran compare with the Mercedes-Benz E200? They were not even at the same level at all, okay? In addition, Mercedes-Benz was famous for its comfort, and it should be more comfortable to sit on compared to others.

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