Chapter 51: To the capital

Gu Xia’s hometown could be considered a part of a new district, but it was more than an hour away from the district. More accurately, it was on the edge of the new district. It was near a small town called Shigang Town, and there were about 40,000 to 50,000 people living in it.    

Gu Xia drove the car on the highway, and halfway through his mother fell asleep, because the heater in the car was very comfortable. Even Gu Xia had to take off his down jacket, or he would get sweaty.

Gu Xia saw that his mother was asleep, so he turned off the music, then opened the car window and lit a cigarette.

There was a vast expanse of white everywhere along the road. There was not much snow on the road because of cars and other vehicles, but the snow on both sides of the road was already about ten centimeters thick.

Gu Xia saw a gas station on the side. It was built a long time ago and was quite old. It was crushed by snow, and police and firefighters were already cleaning it up.

The snowfall was really heavy this year! It was said that the snow was auspicious and a sign of a good year, but when the snowfall was this heavy, it would not be auspicious anymore, but a disaster.

Gu Xia passed Shigang Town and came to his home in the Gujia Village. When he arrived at his grandfather’s house, Gu Xia woke up his mother, and then got out of the car and saw that the roof of his grandfather’s house had collapsed.

“Oh! Isn’t this Gu Xia? You made a fortune outside? You even bought a Mercedes-Benz!”

“Yeah! Don’t you go to the university? And you’re even doing a big business!”


Gu Xia was a little embarrassed to hear the uncles and aunties near his grandfather’s house constantly praising him, after all, he didn’t get this kind of treatment in his previous life!

Gu Xia said hello to the uncles and aunts, and then walked away to his dad and grandpa who were clearing snow and moving things out of the house.

“Dad, Grandpa!”

Gu Xia shouted, and then joined the process of cleaning up.

“Xia Xia is here? You go and take a rest. You are a university student and have never done any heavy work. I’ll just get it done with your dad.” Grandpa waved his hand at him.

“It’s okay, Grandpa.”

Gu Xia said with a smile. After speaking, he went to find a shovel and started digging the snow. It had to be said that the snow was quite heavy, and after a while, Gu Xia was sweating and hurriedly put the down jacket on. He took off his sweater and put it on the car and continued digging.

Many things in the house were buried under the snow, including the savings of his grandparents, as well as household appliances and furniture.

The three kept digging until noon, and put everything in his second grandfather’s house, and ate at the second grandfather’s house at noon.

Gu Feng went to contact the construction company after dinner and was going to build a new house on the spot. Originally Gu Feng had been asking his parents to come live in the city, but Gu Xia’s grandfather said, “I have lived here all my life, and my father, grandfather and great-grandfather have lived here for generations. This is my root! There are so many old guys here, I have so many memories, so why should I go to the city? I wouldn’t know what to do if I went out in the city. But here, I can talk and eat with everyone every time I go out. I will not go, our old couple lived here all our life, and we will die here in the future.”

Seeing that there was no way to convince them, Gu Feng could only rebuild the house. And, even that would take some time, so they had to live in the city until next year.

“Second uncle, we’re leaving. You can always go to the city to chat with my dad.” Gu Feng said to Gu Xia’s second grandfather.


“Big brother! Be good while living in the city.”

“Alright, it won’t take long. We’ll be back when the house is built.”


Gu Xia watched his grandfather and second grandfather say goodbye there, and felt filled with emotion.

His Grandpa’s generation came from hardships. Grandpa had two younger brothers and one older sister. The older sister had passed away several years ago. The youngest brother was living with his son in another place. Only his second brother was still in the village, and Gu Xia’s second grandma had already passed away. If his grandpa and grandma went to the city, the second grandfather would have no relatives by his side. His sons and daughters were all out of town, and they usually only came back during the New Years. Now that grandpa was gone, he would be even more lonely.

“Brother, stay safe!”

Gu Xia looked at his second grandfather who was waving and shouting through the rearview mirror, and then looked at his grandfather in the backseat blinking with wet eyes. He couldn’t help feeling a sour feeling in his heart, and had the urge to cry.


They returned to the city.

At Gu Xia’s house, Gu Feng was talking to his parents, and Deng Ling was cleaning up the room for her parents-in-law and making the quilt.

Gu Xia sat on the sofa and listened to the conversation between his grandparents and father, without interrupting. He felt good just listening like this.

Gu Xia looked at the deep wrinkles on the faces of grandparents. His grandparents were quite old, they had silver-white hair, and their backs were slightly bent.

Time was truly not forgiving!


The next day, Gu Xia got up and took out the suit and leather shoes he bought some time ago. Today, he was going to the capital, so he had to wear something more formal.

“Everyone, I’m leaving, I’m going to the capital.” Gu Xia greeted his family.

“Be careful on the road and drive slower.”

“Be careful~”


Gu Xia listened to the family’s instructions and smiled, “Alright.”

When he got downstairs, Gu Xia had to clean up the snow on the car again, and his hands were frozen red.

“I really have to find time to buy a car cover, so that I won’t have to do this again.”

Gu Xia used his mobile phone to open the navigation. The navigation feature was already available in 2005. It appeared on the Nakia mobile phone at the time. At that time, it set off a storm, and many people rushed to buy it.

It’s just that the map was not that comprehensive, and there were not many places. It was not like the future where there was map navigation for everything.

This was also the main reason why Gu Xia’s hired-taxi app was stuck at research and development for all this time. The current problem with the hired-taxi app was not that no one was doing it, nor was it a research and development problem, but that the map was not comprehensive and detailed. The current map feature only had the map of some major cities in the country. Many mid level cities didn’t even have maps, let alone roads in small cities.

This was also where Gu Xia and Xu Fan were worried. Fortunately, everything was going well in terms of the takeaway service, and the hired-taxi app could only be implemented after the map feature was perfected.

After all, there was no such comprehensive and detailed map as Gao*de and Bai*du at this era. (G: Gaode Map is a map tool that lets you discover your location in a precise way.)

The map in Gu Xia’s mobile phone wasn’t something special, and it didn’t even have a special name, only the word “map” was there.

Fortunately, an international metropolis like Shan*hai had a relatively detailed map. Modu Lingyun Technology Co. Ltd. was located on Nanjing Road in Shan*hai. Nanjing Road had a total length of 5.5 kilometers. It used to be called “Ten Mile Foreign Market”. It is the most prosperous road in Shan*hai. It has also been known as the first commercial street for a long time. It was known as “Ten Mile Nanjing Road”, and “Park Lane”. (G: Módū or “Magical City”, is a contemporary nickname for Shan*hai, is widely used among the youth.)

The Modu Lingyun Technology Co. Ltd. was located in the Yunfan Building here. It rented a whole floor of the 23rd floor. The rent was 6 million yuan per year, which meant that the monthly rent was 500,000 yuan. The numbers were scary. Fortunately, Xu Fan, as a real estate boss, had a lot of money. If ordinary people just started a business, they would only be able to rent a small workshop in the suburbs of Shan*hai.

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