Chapter 58: Pursuit of dreams

The next day, Gu Xia woke up early in the morning. After his rebirth, he developed the habit of getting up very early every day. Gu Xia often wondered why he was so lazy in the past. In his previous life, he used to get up very late every morning, and left for work in a hurry. Because he was often late for work, they always deducted a fine from his salary. He never managed to do full attendance.

Now Gu Xia didn’t want to sleep late anymore, and he woke up early every morning. This habit also gave Gu Xia plenty of time to run every morning.

Gu Xia looked at Tu Sisi, who was still asleep, and thought that she must have been on the phone pretty late last night.

Gu Xia took a shower, and went to the suitcase to get some clothes to wear. When he opened it, he found that there were no clothes in it. Gu Xia thought to himself, ‘Sisi must have unpacked it.’

Suddenly thinking of something, Gu Xia hurriedly looked into the pocket under the suitcase, and saw that the box was still there. He smiled, and planned to give Tu Sisi a surprise later.

Gu Xia put on his clothes, then went out and ran back and forth in Times Sq*are. On the way, he planned to bring some breakfast back, but the food in the United Stat*s was all full of high-calorie and fat. Even the breakfast was nothing but hamburgers and bacon. So, Gu Xia had to give up on buying breakfast, ‘Let’s just go back and cook some noodles!’

After Gu Xia went back, he found that Tu Sisi was brushing her teeth.

“Oh, you woke up, I’ll make us something to eat.”

After speaking, Gu Xia poured some water in a small saucepan, turned on the fire and started to cut the other ingredients.

“Alright, you went for a run?” Tu Sisi asked.

“Yah, I originally wanted to buy breakfast, but there was nothing good to eat.” Gu Xia nodded and said.

“That’s how the United Stat*s is, you won’t find any steamed buns and wontons here.”

“Ha ha ha…”

Tu Sisi went back to her room and changed her clothes, just in time as Gu Xia finished cooking the noodles.

“I have a class today, what do you want to do?” Tu Sisi asked.

“Me? Nothing in particular, maybe I’ll go shopping, or just sleep.” Gu Xia laughed.

“Okay~ I’ll accompany you to look around after my class is over.” Tu Sisi nodded.

“It’s okay, you go to attend your class first. I am going to stay here for a few days anyways.” Gu Xia waved his hand and said.

“Eat quickly! I’ll take you to the university after we’re done.”

“No, I’ll take the bus myself.”

“I’ll take you there!”


After eating the noodles, Gu Xia escorted Tu Sisi to the university. 

Col*mbia University was worthy of being a world-famous university. The whole university had a strong literary atmosphere. The gate of Col*mbia University had a European-style, like a city wall and the large stone pillars stood tall like guards.

Tu Sisi introduced the place with a smile, “Col*mbia University ranks among the top three universities in the United Sta*es, and it is also one of the universities that has the most Nobel Prize winners. Col*mbia University has a world-class law department, business department, medical department, journalism department, engineering department, etc. The Pulitzer Prize awarded by Col*mbia University’s Department of Journalism is the highest honor in the field of journalism. And in 1767 Col*mbia University awarded the first doctor of medicine, which is also the first professional doctorate in the history of the United States. It is one of the most important research institutions in the United Sta*es, and it is the birthplace of the first nuclear weapon in America – the Manhat*an Project. And, five presidents in history have graduated from Col*mbia, including the president who is currently in office.”

Gu Xia listened to Tu Sisi’s introduction and couldn’t help smacking his tongue. This Col*mbia University in the United Sta*es had similar status as T*inghua University and Be*jing University in Ch*na. Many political and business elites in Ch*na were from universities such as those two.

Gu Xia was very happy that Tu Sisi could study in such an institution.

“If it weren’t for Hu Chao’s connections, I wouldn’t be able to enter here as an auditor.”

“Haha~ It pays to be rich!” Gu Xia laughed.

“By the way, there is something I want to discuss with you. A few days ago, an agent from a modeling company offered me to join their company to become a model. He also said that it would be easy for me to debut alongside my studies. So, I’ve been thinking about it.

I also asked Hu Chao, and he said that the company is one of the largest model companies in the United Sta*es. Every year, the Vict*ria Model Show has many models from their company. I was a little tempted. He said that after the model’s debut, after a year of endorsements and commercial activities, they can earn a lot.” Tu Sisi suddenly turned her head and said to Gu Xia.

“Modeling? I remember that when you went to your aunt’s house in Shan*hai in our previous life, you also said that someone from a modeling company had approached you? Do you really want to enter the modeling industry?”

Gu Xia remembered that it happened when they were not yet married in their previous life. Tu Sisi went to visit her aunt’s house in Shan*hai. A scout from a modeling company in Shan*hai saw Tu Sisi and said that he wanted to sign her to enter the modeling industry. But at that time, Tu Sisi did not agree because she had just gotten pregnant.

In this life, she had the same encounter. It was the same people from the modeling industry.

Everyone had a dream they wanted to realize, so how could he stop her? 

Besides, the entertainment industry in foreign countries were much better than in Ch*na, and there were few unspoken rules and things like that. So, Gu Xia was more at ease.

“And my parents also agreed. If I enter the modeling industry, my sister will have it easy too. When I start to earn money, I can buy a new house for my parents. So that my sister can rent a house and live together with my brother-in-law. That way, they won’t have to do a long-distance relationship. Also, the modeling industry is relatively less constraining, and I can also work and study at the same time.”

After Tu Sisi finished speaking, she looked at Gu Xia, and when she saw him smiling at her, a big weight fell down from her heart. Although she had made up her mind to be a model, which was also her dream, she still wanted to get Gu Xia’s approval. With his support, she would feel more at ease in her heart.

“Haha~ Since you want to do it, just do it. If you have the opportunity to realize your dream, you must go for it. You had regrets about this in our past life because of having children, but you can make up for that now. If people recognize you, that means you have capital, and maybe next year I will see you on the television.” Gu Xia said with his arms around Tu Sisi.

“Alright~ I will try my best.”

Tu Sisi kissed Gu Xia’s cheek and said with a sweet smile, “Then I’ll contact them! Okay, I’m going to class, you can go back to the apartment. I’ll find you after class.”


Gu Xia watched Tu Sisi enter the classroom, smiled and walked away.


Tu Sisi sat in the classroom and felt very relieved. It was the best feeling when she could pursue her dream and that her family and loved ones would support her. She was afraid that on the path of pursuing her dream, her family and loved ones would not support her, and that was the most terrifying thing.

There were many people on the path of starting a business or pursuing their dreams who could not persevere due to the lack of support from their family members, coupled with a few setbacks, they did not survive for long and had to give up.

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