Chapter 116: Side Story – Running Errands II (part 2)

How did Shael and I fall in love?

First of all, my first meeting with Shael was while drinking tea.

From the beginning, Shael gave me a cold look and bullied me. But when love started to sprout in earnest, that changed for the better.

[Shut up, you b1tch!]

Maybe that was the beginning. The beginning of the relationship between the aggravated me and the villainess who had no manner.

‘But how am I going to tell Ruelle about that?’

I could never say that to my precious daughter. 

Perhaps noticing my gaze, Shael put on a mischievous smile before she said, “Your father started by saying that I was a b1tch.”


To say such a thing. It was a remark that would make Ruelle, who was sensitive, cry as soon as she heard it.

I waited for Ruelle to speak. 

Before long, Ruelle woke up, and said, “That’s so romantic!”



To be honest, I was embarrassed by her reaction. Although she was my daughter, I was a little curious about Ruelle’s state of mind.

“You called Mommy a puppy! You’re just saying that she’s cute!”


Even Shael had a puzzled look on her face, as she looked at Ruelle strangely.

In my opinion, Shael Had a strange way of thinking that was just as strange as Ruelle’s, so I only laughed.

But Shael’s mischief didn’t end there.

“Uh, he even pointed his sword at your Mommy.”

“A sword…!?”

Ruelle looked at me. It was a slightly questionable gaze, but eventually the feelings in that gaze changed.

“That’s so romantic!”

Why on earth was it romantic?

Even though I exchanged glances with Shael and had a silent discussion, the question was not resolved.

“Ruelle, why is that romantic?”

“Because it’s a story about Mommy and Daddy!”


As expected, Ruelle’s way of thinking was peculiar. She was indeed  Shael and my daughter.

* * *

After spending time with my family, I started working in my office over a glass of wine.

First of all, I had to review a letter from the family selling ore to the Baslett family.

‘That’s not good at all.’

The content of the letter stated that they wouldn’t have any more deals, which was not good for us.

‘I need to have a talk.’

But there was a problem. I lowered my head, and looked at the Ring of Mutual Restriction I shared with Shael.

It was a magic tool that restricted you from talking to the opposite sex, except for the lover you share the ring with and the same bloodline. In short, it was an incredibly inconvenient thing.

‘Let’s just ask to remove the ring altogether.’

Since I had to ask Shael’s permission every time something like this happened, it was getting a bit annoying.

It would be better to persuade Shael to remove the ring.


I opened the door without knocking. Shael was coming into her room hugging Ruelle.

‘I have to say that I want to remove the ring first.’

Before that, something caught my eye. It wasn’t the Ring of Mutual Restriction I was wearing, it was the other Ring of Mutual Restriction that Shael was wearing.

‘Come to think of it, did Shael ever say she wanted to take the ring off?’

No matter how you think about it, Shael never said she wanted to take the ring off.

When I looked back at my memories, Shael was always wearing the ring. If that was the case, I would become the bad guy for taking off the ring dozens of times.

“What it it?”

I once thought I was being held captive because of Shael’s jealousy. But that was my mistake.

Shael was doing more than that, she loved me all the time.

And, because I got used to her love, I was starting to feel annoyed. Nevertheless, Shael continued to show me an infinite amount of love…in her own way.

I was living a happier life than I thought. Therefore, I was able to give a smile that was fresher than ever, holding back the tension.

‘A vixen.’

I couldn’t even properly perceive what I was saying because my head was in a mess.

‘Did I get drunk from the wine I drank a while ago, or from the love I shared with Shael?’

I couldn’t figure it out.

The only thing that came to my mind was the conviction that this kind of life would continue in the future.

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