Chapter 28: Disciplining the Nun II (part 2)

However, despite all her doubts, Isolda didn’t show any strong objections.

Bahamut was now her master. It might seem like they were simple collaborators or had a superior/subordinate relationship, but they were not equals.

On top of that, Isolda was also a little curious.

‘Bahamut is a man who subdued even Lady Bertina… maybe there’s something going on this time as well. Something beyond my common sense…’

With such thoughts in mind, Isolda picked up the budget bill and checked the contents.

But immediately after that, she began to feel dizzy again when she saw the absurdly small amount written on it.

‘This man… what is he really thinking?’


Those who governed the various regions of the continent, including the main cities, were largely divided into two categories.

One was the nobles who served a king or an emperor as a part of the secular powers.

The so-called noble lords belonged to that category and about 80% of the continent was classified as territories ruled by these lords.

On the other hand, the rest of the region were nominally ruled by those who had nothing to do with secular power. In other words, they were those who were related to the church.

Places ruled by clerics, such as priests and nuns, occupied about 20% of the continent’s territory and were called dioceses.

The iron ore production area of Lugano was one such area. It was a type of parish. The ruler of this area was also a nun, not a noble lord.

The nun was called, Vicar Linda Halls.

Six years ago, the priest who was the previous ruler of the parish suddenly died, and Linda Halls became the parish priest at a young age, only in her early twenties.

Although she was a nun, she had a strikingly beautiful appearance and always showed a kind smile to the villagers.

Wearing a veil, with her long blonde hair feely dancing in the air, she busily walked around among the patients.

Her golden eyes, which matched her blonde hair, seemed to contain pure compassion for others.


“Ah… hang on a little bit! Here’s the medicine.”

At the moment, Linda was taking care of injured patients and bandaging their wounds.

Every time her merciful touch reached people, they felt as if the feeling of pain would lessen.

“Sister Linda! An this side…”

“Ah… I see. Let’s go right away.”

Linda started looking at the next patient right away without even having time to wash off the blood stains on her hands.

The bodies of the patients she was taking care of were covered with black burnt powder.

The reason was simple— all the patients gathered here were injured in the nearby iron mines.

The process of digging deep into the ground and digging out hard ore from there always entailed great risks.

It wasn’t uncommon for people to collapse due to exhaustion or being poisoned by the sudden release of toxic gas.

In severe cases, the workers would suddenly collapse, and become sick to the point where they die.

Nonetheless, those who lived here had to make a living somehow. So they had no choice but to jump into that extreme work site.

These people were originally farmers, who cultivated in the plains of Lugano.

However, since a few years ago, the exploitation of the noble lords who ruled the plains became extremely severe, and they had no choice but to sell the land at a cheap price and settle down here.

“It’s thanks to Sister Linda’s care that we’re alive…”

“I am really grateful. She is the one who accepted us and allowed us to make a living through mining work…”

Although their life now was so exhausting that it couldn’t be compared to the time when they were farming in the plains. At least, there were no deaths from being crushed by landslide while plowing the field. 

Furthermore, their earning was also a bit better than what it used to be in the past. Although it was barely enough for them to fill their stomach, but nevertheless, the people here felt deep gratitude towards Sister Linda.

She accepted those who had nowhere to go, and even treated the injured by herself.

Recieving the grace of such a living angel, the inhabitants of Lugano found comfort in their hearts, even though they were in pain.

“Sister! Sister Linda!”

“Yes? What’s the matter?”

At the voice of the soldier guarding the outskirts, Sister Linda, who had just finished treating the patient, turned her head.

“A guest has come. He said he really wanted to meet you.”

“The guest wants to meet… me?”

“Yes, they say that they came from the Beden Merchant Company, and it seems that they are of a fairly high rank.”

“Yes? The Beden Merchant Company…”

At those words, Sister Linda began to clean off the blood and pus from her hands, and her eyes narrowed.

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