Chapter 337: The ruined temple

“Don’t you claim to be a genius physician, why don’t you even know this?” Zhao Min said sarcastically, and thought in her heart, ‘If it was just an ordinary method, it would be no big deal to tell him, but Song Qingshu’s method is just too shameful, how can I tell outsiders…’

“This…” Ping Yizhi pondered and muttered to himself, “Tianshan Snow Lotus and Thousand-year-old Ginseng can only temporarily extend human lives. It is absolutely impossible to heal you with them. Hu Qingniu is dead. Xue Muhua and… and Poison King should be able to save you too, but how can Song Qingshu actually have the ability to save you? I don’t understand… eh? Could it be that he also learned the One Yang Finger from Dali’s Duan Family, and he wouldn’t hesitate to waste several years of his accumulated Qi to save ave this girl?”

Zhao Min didn’t care about what he was talking about, but looked at the direction where Song Qingshu disappeared, with a worried expression on her face. Just now, she said that it wouldn’t matter if Song Qingshu failed to kill Murong Fu, and that she agreed to use his method to heal her injury, but that was, in fact, just a pretense. 

She wanted to make Ping Yizhi suspicious, and put him under pressure at the same time.


On the way to the ruined temple thirty miles away, Song Qingshu also quietly sighed. How could he not understand that what Zhao Min said just now was just a clever scheme? With her strong personality she might rather die than let herself be healed by that method.

For Song Qingshu, it wasn’t worth it to kill Murong Fu for Zhao Min’s sake. However, if it was for Xia Qingqing, Shuang’er or the others, Song Qingshu really would’ve killed Murong Fu against his conscience.

After all, although returning a favor was important, it was not as important as one’s loved ones. Although he had a good impression of Zhao Min in his previous life, but now Zhao Min was also his enemy’s woman, so why should he pay so much for her?

As for Murong Fu, not to mention Murong’s family’s status in the wulin and Southern Song Empire, he didn’t really want to kill him just for the fact the he had helped him to find the Divine Brilliance Scripture in the past. So although he made a superficial promise to Ping Yizhi, but it was just a delay tactic to let him save Zhao Min first.

Song Qingshu was actually very curious, why did Ping Yizhi have such an irreconcilable enmity with Murong Fu that wanted him dead? It was definitely impossible for him to ask Ping Yizhi, but he could get some clues from Murong Fu.

Having not slept all night and having traveled thousands of miles, Song Qingshu was inevitably feeling a little tired, but since this matter was so important, he had to keep himself up. Fortunately, with Murong Fu’s martial arts, he should not pose any threat to him.

Thinking of Murong Fu’s problematic personality, Song Qingshu hesitated for a moment, then took out a mask from his sleeves and put it on. As far as he knew from the original book, Murong Fu was very narrow-minded. If he frankly told him the truth, he might not cooperate with him to rescue Zhao Min. It would be a waste of time, so Song Qingshu decided that it would be better to restrain him first and place him in front of Ping Yizhi.

Of course, Song Qingshu also intended to take this opportunity to try out the strength of the famous “Great Cosmic Transformation”. The Poison King even compared it to famous martial arts such as the “Supreme Mysteries Scripture” and “Sunflower Manual”, so he had to see if it was really so.

“Since the master is here, why hide your head and only show your tail?” 

As Song Qingshu was hesitating, he heard Murong Fu’s clear voice from the ruined temple.

“Worthy of the saying ‘Qiao Feng in the North, Murong in the South’! I have only just arrived, but was still perceived by Master Murong.” Song Qingshu smiled, and strode towards the ruined temple, but he was quite surprised in his heart, ‘His realm is much higher than I had expected.’

In his previous life, Song Qingshu didn’t understand why, but in the early stage of “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”, Murong Fu was still able to share equal fame with Qiao Feng. However, as the story reached the middle stage, he was surpassed by Qiao Feng, Jiumozhi and others, and in the later stage, he wasn’t even a match for Duan Yanqing’s, who was one of the Four Evils.

It wasn’t that Duan Yanqing’s martial arts realm was higher than Qiao Feng and Jiumozhi, but it just that Murong Fu himself had changed. The level of a person’s martial arts depended not only on their own theoretical skills, but also on their own dao heart.

If a person has a high spirit, he can often beat several opponents of the same level, such as the fight of Blood Saber Elder against Nan Siqi, or Xiao Feng (Qiao Feng) against Murong Fu, and Ding Chunqiu against You Tanzhi. However, if a person has a low spirit, he might even lose to people with lower martial arts than himself, similar to what happened with Li Chenzhou, the number one master in the world in Wen Rui’an’s novels. (G: Wen Rui’an is another writer of wuxia novels like Jin Yong.)

Murong Fu belonged to the latter category. In the early stage, Murong Fu was high-spirited and famous, so he wasn’t afraid of contending with Qiao Feng from the North, and he could fight him to a standstill. Unfortunately, he was defeated by Jiumozhi not long after, and a series of misfortunes ensued.

That loss was absolutely unbearable for Murong Fu who was very arrogant. 

Later, on Shaoshi Mountain, he was beaten black and blue by Duan Yu, a slacker who he didn’t put in his eye at all. But, the power of the Six Meridians Divine Sword Manual made him develop doubt about the Murong Family’s martial arts. So, even if his thought to be dead father Murong Bo showed him the mystery of the Great Cosmic Transformation, it did not completely dispel the shadow in his heart.

If a person doubts even his own martial arts, it would be normal for his strength to decline. Because of that, Murong Fu’s martial arts did not advance but declined. In the end, he wasn’t even a match for a measly Duan Yanqing.

But at the moment, Murong Fu’s confidence seems to have not suffered much blows, and he was still the high-spirited “Southern Murong”. It’s no wonder that he was able sense Song Qingshu’s presence from just a moment of carelessness.

“Who is Your Excellency?” Seeing that Song Qingshu was wearing a mask, Murong Fu was startled, and quietly grabbed the sword beside him.

Murong Fu still looked the same, he was still the suave and handsome young master of the Murong family, and the only difference was that, he didn’t have the beautiful Wang Yuyan by his side. And without Wang Yuyan, naturally there was no Duan Yu following behind him.

“Why isn’t Master Murong’s knowledgeable cousin with you?” Song Qingshu asked curiously.

When he saw that the stranger was asking about his cousin, and Murong Fu’s face flashed with a trace of green. When he participated in martial arts competitions, his cousin would point and explain from the side, and people would only praise his cousin, but ignore him, the Southern Murong.

“Don’t worry about her, my cousin is in good health. May I know why your Excellency is here?”

Sensing the hostility in Murong Fu’s tone, Song Qingshu slightly smiled, “It’s nothing serious, I just want to borrow your head for something.”

Murong Fu was startled and angry, “Hehe, you want to take this Murong Fu’s life?”

“Master Murong, I have a word of advice. The Murong Family’s prestige in the wulin is naturally great, but there are countless talented people in the world, and there are many people who are higher than you. You should be cautious.” Song Qingshu lightly said.

Murong Fu sneered, “Of course this Murong Fu doesn’t dare to claim to be invincible, but just relying on your paltry self, how dare you brazenly want to take my life?”

“Whether I’m brazen or not, you’ll know once you try it.” As soon as the word ended, Song Qingshu had already attacked Murong Fu.

Murong Fu was taken aback, and he quickly swung his sword, only to find an afterimage! He was shocked in his heart, and immediately felt a force from his shoulders. Fortunately, his reputation as Master Murong was not in vain. With his shoulders sinking, he took advantage of the situation to divert Song Qingshu’s strength away.

“Huh?” Song Qingshu looked at his hand, and recalled that he had felt a gentle force from Murong Fu’s shoulder just now. It felt like hitting the surface of a deep pool of water, as it instantly turned his force to nothingness.

“Great Cosmic Transformation really lives up to its reputation!”

“Your Excellency’s movement technique is also very good.” Hearing Song Qingshu’s praise, Murong Fu couldn’t be happy at all. Judging from Song Qingshu’s ghostly movement just now, this man was probably the most dangerous enemy he had ever encountered in his life. So, he looked at Song Qingshu calmly, not daring to be careless at all.

Song Qingshu was not in a hurry to attack, but said, “I have always had a doubt in my heart, and I hope Master Murong will explain it.” Without waiting for Murong’s reply, he continued, “I have heard that the Murong Family in Gusu is extremely knowledgeable about all the martial arts in wulin, and you like to use your opponents’ own signature moves against them. However, there are so many martial arts in the world, could it be that your Murong family really understands all the different martial arts, and at the same time is better than the enemy who has practiced a certain martial arts for decades?”

Song Qingshu’s question was the biggest secret of the Murong family, and Murong Fu would never divulge it, so he just snorted coldly, “The path of ‘returning you with your own way’, is broad and profound, how could a petty person like you be able to understand it.”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to say it, I will try it myself!” 

It’s no wonder that Song Qingshu ignored the urgent business and wanted to waste time in fighting with Murong Fu. The “Great Cosmic Transformation” was really too famous in the wulin, and ever since Song Qingshu’s martial arts had reached a higher realm, it was very difficult for him to experience a martial arts that he could admire in the world, and the Great Cosmic Transformation just happened to be one of them. It had been difficult for him to try out Murong Fu’s skills due to his favor, so this time he took advantage of Ping Yizhi’s request as an excuse to try it out.

“Just try it, Your Excellency.” Murong Fu was concerned about his opponents movement technique, so he didn’t dare to let him make a move, and rushed to attack first.

“This is the swordsmanship that the Murong family is famous for?” Song Qingshu moved his steps lightly, and he kept a calm expression on his face every time he avoided Murong Fu’s sword moves. When it was unavoidable, he flicked away the opponent’s sword with his fingers.

“Finger Flicking Skill? Could it be that Your Excellency is from Peach Blossom Island.” The shock from the sword made him almost unable to hold it, and Murong Fu couldn’t help being shocked and angry.

“Master Murong is indeed well-versed in a hundred schools of thought, and knows the origins of the world’s martial arts in great detail, but this time, you have mistaken. What I’m using is just ordinary finger flick, not the martial arts of Peach Blossom Island.” Song Qingshu said with a faint smile while dodging.

“How is it possible?” Murong Fu was terrified when he felt his wrists go numb when the opponent flicked his fingers, and subconsciously thought it was the Finger Flicking Skill used by Huang Yaoshi.

“Martial arts all over the world lead to the same goal by different routes. It is possible that my Finger Flicking might be similar to the Island Master Huang’s Finger Flicking Skill. Why is Master Murong becoming so confused?” Song Qingshu’s words made Murong Fu’s face turn red and then pale.

Murong Fu’s lips remained tightly closed, and his eyes shone with a cold light. 

Song Qingshu secretly felt pity for the guy. After the baptism of the Five Sacred Sword in the Cliff and Feng Qingyang, plus his understanding of Dugu Qiubai’s sword intent, his attainments in swordsmanship could be said to be unparalleled in the world.

Therefore, Song Qingshu immediately spotted a flaw in Murong Fu’s swordplay, and pinched with his two fingers, and Murong Fu’s sword could no longer move even an inch. If Murong Fu used other weapons, Song Qingshu might not be able to deal with it so easily, but unlucky for Murong Fu he was using a sword. Although the Murong family’s swordsmanship was quite exquisite, in Song Qingshu’s eyes, it was naturally full of flaws.

“Withdraw the sword!” Song Qingshu yelled in a deep voice, and Murong Fu only felt a huge force coming from the sword, and couldn’t hold it anymore, so he quickly backed away in shock.

The sword remained caught between Song Qingshu’s fingers, and he casually flicked it away, inserting the sword body into a pillar in the temple. “Master Murong, I want to see Your Excellency’s fighting skills, not some weak wrist swordsmanship.”

When Murong Fu saw that his opponent had easily snatched the sword from his hand, his heart had already turned half cold, and he said with a sad smile, “Since that is the case, it is better to obey orders to appear respectful.”

Seeing Murong Fu make a strange move, Song Qingshu was overjoyed. He was finally about to witness the legendary Great Cosmic Transformation!

At that moment, he suddenly heard a scolding voice from behind, so he frowned, and moved a foot away. When he looked back, he found that the green brick where he was standing just now was smashed to pieces by a long whip!

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