Chapter 452: The Bet

“Cousin, have you noticed that so far in the Golden Serpent Tournament, the more unknown the participants are, the more surprising the results are.” Wang Yuyan looked worried. 

Whether it was You Tanzhi, Shi Potian, or Ah Qing, no one had heard of them before today. However, the strength they showed was no less than the best masters in the world. Since Murong Fu’s opponent this time also happened to be an unknown person, Wang Yuyan couldn’t help but worry about him.

Murong Fu obviously had the same idea. He thought he was getting a big advantage by drawing such an unknown opponent, but now it seemed that the future was quite uncertain.

However, in front of his cousin and retainers, Murong Fu didn’t want to show his timidity, and pretended to be confident, “Don’t worry, the monk named Xu Zhu is a junior disciple of the Xu generation in Shaolin Temple. The martial arts of such a big sect as Shaolin emphasizes amassing strength step by step. The older you are, the higher your martial arts skills will become. With Xu Zhu’s age, his martial arts skills would definitely not be that high.”

Wang Yuyan hurried to give praise, “Yes, in Shaolin Temple, the foundation of martial arts is the most important. The disciples in the sect have low martial arts in the first twenty years. Their level tend to fall behind of those from unorthodox sects. However, it gradually becomes even in about thirty years. After thirty years, the unorthodox sects fall far behind the Shaolin disciples in terms of strength. Even if this Xu Zhu is an unparalleled martial arts prodigy. With his age, no matter how high his martial arts skills are, there should be a limit.”

While the Murong family members in the audience were studying their opponents, Zhuo Bufan on the stage was dumbfounded. He thought that after he had mastered the sword, no one would be his equal, but he didn’t expect to lose like this to a little girl. His previous complacency was now long gone.

“Is this enough for you?” After Ah Qing finished demonstrating her Sword Qi, she saw Zhuo Bufan stunned on the spot and asked in confusion.

Hearing Ah Qing’s question, Zhuo Bufan suddenly had a change of thought. Although the Sword Qi displayed by this girl was terrifying, the execution was not as exquisite. Looking at her innocent and gullible appearance, he thought that it might be possible to actually trick her.

Seeing that Zhuo Bufan remained silent, Ah Qing was startled, suddenly showed an expression of realization, and chuckled, “It turns out that it’s not strong enough, then is this enough for you?” 

Saying so, she swung the green bamboo stick again, and a ten-foot-long green Sword Qi swept across the top of the arena, and all the flagpoles of various sects inserted around the arena were cut off.

The flag of a sect, represented the sect itself. If someone usually cut them down like this, it would definitely incur an undying hatred. But now, no one from the sects had the intention to take revenge. They all stood up and looked at the delicate figure of the girl with their mouths opened wide enough to fit a big egg into their mouths.

“Is that enough?” Ah Qing stared at Zhuo Bufan with a smile, her eyes bent like crescent moons.

“That’s enough, that’s enough.” Zhuo Bufan hurriedly squeezed out a sentence and slipped off the arena as if he was running away. 

Now looking at Ah Qing’s innocent and sweet smile, Zhuo Bufan felt a chill running down his spine. The move she made just now had no warnings at all. Fortunately, the other party deliberately raised the angle of the Sword Qi, otherwise it would have sliced him into two halves.

Murong Fu in the audience also looked ashen and murmured, “If the Sword Qi is only two feet long, I can still find a way to counter it. With the Sword Qi that is ten feet long, how can I defeat her…”

Wang Yuyan’s pretty face also turned pale, but she still instinctively comforted her beloved, “Cousin, you must at least get past the first round before you can consider this issue. The second round will only start tomorrow. We still have one night to study countermeasures. We will find a few more experts to discuss together, and we will definitely find a way to deal with it.”

Wang Yuyan subconsciously thought of Duan Yu when she spoke. After all, Duan Yu’s Six Meridians Divine Sword was somewhat similar to Ah Qing’s Duan Yu, and he should have better ways to deal with it.

But for some reason, the appearance of another man appeared in her mind, and Wang Yuyan’s face turned slightly red. She quietly glanced somewhere on the other side of the arena and thought, ‘That man always smiles no matter what he encounters. He should be able to find a way.’

Song Qingshu didn’t know that he was so trustworthy in Wang Yuyan’s heart, he was just smiling happily as he watched Ah Qing teach the proud Zhuo Bufan as lesson.

“I don’t know why you can still laugh, can you defeat her?” Ah Jiu looked worried. 

Helping Song Qingshu take over the Golden Serpent Camp was the most important part of her goal of restoring the dynasty, but now she was about to fall short. Naturally, her expression looked a little dark.

“Sister Ajiu, you don’t have to be so pessimistic. Judging from the strength shown in the last battle between Qingshu and Ming Zun, he may not lose to her.” Zhou Zhiruo comforted her, but her tone also revealed that she didn’t have any confidence.

“Who is stronger, the lion or the ox?” Song Qingshu suddenly asked a completely unrelated question.

“It should be the ox…” Ah Jiu replied thoughtfully, obviously catching on Song Qingshu’s thoughts.

“Yes.” Song Qingshu smiled slightly, “But no matter how strong the ox is, if it can’t hit the lion at all, what’s the use? On the contrary, although the lion’s strength is not as strong as that of the ox, it can hit its vitals, so the stronger ox can only become the lion’s meal.”

Zhou Zhiruo frowned, “I know your Qinggong is very good, but the fight is limited to just a few square feet arena. Ah Qing’s Sword Qi can cover the entire arena without distinction, so you won’t have anywhere to hide.”

Song Qingshu smiled enigmatically, “Yes, it would be really uncertain if I meet someone else, but if I really meet Ah Qing in the finals, I’m sure that I would win.”

The two women felt the unprecedented confidence from his tone, and couldn’t help but be startled, and quickly asked with concern, “Why are you so sure you can win against her?”

“As the Buddha said, talk less.” Song Qingshu kept his mouth shut. And no matter how the two women begged, he refused to say a word.

“Arrogant!” Guo Fu was not far from Song Qingshu, so even though the voices of Song Qingshu and others were soft, Guo Fu still heard them clearly. 

Currently, she was impressed by Ah Qing’s strength, so when she heard that Song Qingshu could definitely defeat Ah Qing, she couldn’t help but feel angry.

Huang Rong was thinking about Ah Qing’s origin, and whether she was an enemy or a friend of the Beggar Gang. When she heard her daughter’s words, she immediately smiled and said nothing, obviously feeling the same in her heart.

Song Qingshu glanced at Guo Fu and directly talked to her for the first time, “You don’t believe it?”

Guo Fu snorted, “Of course I don’t believe it. Some people are clearly not afraid of flashing their tongues and talking big.”

“If you don’t believe it, we can make a bet.” Song Qingshu said with a smile.

“So be it!” Guo Fu had an impulsive personality. Seeing the smile on Song Qingshu’s face, she felt extremely irritated and subconsciously blurted out.

“If you want to bet, there has to be a prize. I don’t think you have anything that interests me.” Song Qingshu fiddled with his fingers, looking uninterested.

“You’re just too scared to bet!” Guo Fu sneered when Song Qingshu showed signs of retreating.

Huang Rong couldn’t help but shake her head and smiled bitterly. Her daughter’s temperament was really not like hers. She fell into other people’s traps so easily. 

However, she obviously didn’t think Song Qingshu could win against Ah Qing, and she didn’t mind her daughter betting with him.

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