Chapter 50: Tumultuous Events VI (part 2)

“Hey! This is a spar. Using condensation to that extent in a situation like this is…” The silver-haired woman spoke up.

“Condensation? Ah, I see. So that’s what it’s called? I’ll make sure to keep it in mind.”

Ophelia responded calmly as the mana continued to flow through the wooden sword, to the point that it seemed like it was about to shatter.

The silver-haired woman made a puzzled expression for a moment.

Condensation, a type of basic mana technique that strengthened the cutting power by channeling mana into the sword. Considering the amount of mana power Ophelia was channeling, that wooden sword would probably be able to split even a pillar made of marble with a strike!

Therefore, it was clear what would happen if she were to be hit by that sword.

“D*amn it…you’re crazy!”

And so, the silver-haired woman also poured mana into her wooden sword in response to her opponent’s incomprehensible and radical behavior.

As the situation unfolded, the onlookers also began to understand that something unusual was going on in the arena.

However, right as that moment…



The silver-haired woman’s wooden sword suddenly exploded.

At the same time, a calm smile bloomed on Ophelia’s lips, and simultaneously, the overflowing mana began to dissipate.

The fight had come to an unexpected and disappointing end.

“What…what…how?” The silver-haired woman muttered in a blank voice. 

Ophelia calmly looked at her and declared, “This is my victory.”


The silver-haired woman showed an angry expression, and didn’t respond to Ophelia’s words. Then her gaze naturally turned to her wooden sword, which had suddenly shattered.


All she saw were tiny cracks all over the remaining part of the wooden sword.

However, the cracks didn’t appear just due to Ophelia’s efforts.

Unlike the silver-haired woman, who was still full of energy, the durability of the wooden sword had already weakened due to the aftermath of the preceding six battles. And when she channeled mana through it, the wooden sword couldn’t withstand the strain and ended up shattering.

“I see…the reason you explosively released your mana in the first place was to induce this…”

If she had only one sword, the silver-haired woman could have paid more attention. Unfortunately, her fighting style was wielding two swords.

She had been too distracted with the battle, and along with her opponent’s strategy, which focused on reducing the durability of the wooden sword from the beginning, she ended up defeating herself.

“I’m quite surprised…for a moment, I thought you had really gone crazy.”

“Well… it would have been impossible for me to win if it hadn’t been for a lot of luck.”

With those words, Ophelia and the silver-haired woman politely bowed their heads.

Although it seemed like a disappointing ending to those who didn’t know the situation, but from Bahamut’s point of view, it was a great victory after a fierce fight.

“You are now the champion of the arena…so will you continue?”

“No, I’m going to end it here. It doesn’t seem like anyone would challenge me after this, and most importantly, I’m working right now.”

“I see… anyway, it was fun while it lasted. See you later.”

With those words, the silver-haired woman waved lightly and entered the crowd.

Seeing her leave, Ophelia suddenly wondered if it would have been better to ask her name, but before she could do that, the woman had already completely disappeared.

‘It’s a bit… unfortunate.’

With that thought in mind, Ophelia approached the scattering spectators.

Standing in front of her, was her Master, who greeted her with a smile. (G: Lord will be changed to Master from now on.)

“You did very well, Ophelia. Was it great? I never thought you would win against someone like that.”

“I was just… just lucky.”

Her master expressed his delight by patting her on the shoulder. In response to that, Ophelia slightly blushed as she felt more happiness than the previous victory.

And so, Ophelia started walking down the street while listening to her master’s praise.

“Still, I was really surprised. I never really thought that the situation would turn out like that. I even thought about whether or not I should step in and stop the fight myself.”

“I had no choice but to elicit a reaction from the other party. I thought that if I forced her into a corner, the opponent would surely lose her composure and make a mistake.”

“That’s right…you not only used your strength but also your intellect as well.”

However, right at that moment, Bahamut suddenly stopped talking. It seemed as if he suddenly remembered something, and his expression began to turn cold, leaving Ophelia quite perplexed.

“Master? Mmm… what is it? Is there any problem?”

“Ah… no. Wait a minute…I’m thinking about something…yes… right… if I do that…”

The next moment, Bahamut’s face suddenly lit up!

Then he gave a sincere smile and tightly hugged the confused Ophelia.


“Thank you! Thank you so much, Ophelia! I think I found a way thanks to you!”

“Yes? That… what is that…”

Unable to understand her master’s words, Ophelia began to feel more and more confused.

However, being hugged by her beloved master felt quite good as well.

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