Chapter 0: Prologue

Julius Tapnel.

The best heretic inquisitor of the Kingdom of Lyriam.

A faithful servant of God who never compromises with the devil.

In front of him, every heretic and demon was judged in the name of the Lord.

“Julius, come here! Look, the wild flowers are in full bloom…so beautiful!”

“Don’t stand still, come quickly!” 

It was the memories of his wife Cecile, who died 5 years ago.

“I’m here!”

Yet, she returned to him after five years.

No, what came back…was only her body; with the devil residing within.

It was a temptation that shook his soul.

“Lord, please save this lamb, and give rest to my poor wife.”

“Please give me, a servant of God, the will to overcome this temptation. I beseech you!”


This is the story of a devil and a servant of God.

This is a story of a love that could never come true.

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