Chapter 1: Inquisitor Julius Tapnel (part 1)

If you head to the northwest of the Kingdom of Lyriam, famous as a kingdom of abundance and peace, Kente Village, a small village with the large mountain range surrounding the kingdom in the background, welcomed the travelers.

With the golden rye fields swaying in the wind, and the warm sunlight shining down from above; it was a place which would make even the travelers who had a long way to go suddenly feel at ease.

Going a little further, after passing through the rich rye fields, the bustling village appears, showing off its charm with a lively atmosphere that was completely different from the quiet atmosphere from before.

If you go a little deeper, passing the street vendors and the bustling inns with delicious smells, you would find yourself before a large church on a hill.

It was the church of the Telmere Religion, which served the main god Rom, the official religion of the Kingdom of Lyriam.

Julius Tapnel, a man with neatly tied long blond hair was now standing in front of the main entrance of the church. Then he politely knocked twice with his characteristic expressionless face.

Not long after, a noise was heard from inside and the door was gently opened.

“…oh my, who is this? It’s been so long since I last saw you! Julius, how long has it been since the last time we met?”

The elegant woman, dressed in neat priestly attire, looked pleased to see Julius.

Julius looked at her and bowed his head politely as he greeted her.

“May God’s blessings be with you, Priestess Emily. It’s been a while. It’s nice to see you again after 10 years.”

“I heard you were coming, but you came sooner than I thought. Come on in. Was the trip difficult?”

“My steps were light as I thought about seeing my hometown for the first time in a long time. This is all God’s grace.”

“You’ve grown a lot in the time we haven’t seen each other, Julius. You’re saying things you don’t even mean to say.”

The priestess looked at him bitterly for a moment, who had changed beyond recognition in 10 years, then smiled and started saying something else.

“I heard that you made great achievements as a heretic inquisitor in the capital. You were even chosen by the Holy Sword. You should have seen Priest Brukin faint in shock when he first heard the news.”

“That Priest Brukin was surprised? I really want to show that scene to my younger self.”

A faint smile spreads across the man’s expressionless face. 

However, seeing him soon return to his stern expression, the priestess sighed and said, “You don’t look very good, Julius. It looks like you are going through a lot of trouble. Now that you are back home, why don’t you take some pressure off your shoulders, and relax?”

Even the priestess’s soothing words, wasn’t enough to ease Julius’ stern expression. She was speechless at how different he was from when he was a child, when he used to run around the village with a bright smile.

After walking in silence, the two arrived in front of Priest Brukin’s room.

Priestess Emily made her smile as bright as she could, slapped Julius on the back and spoke vigorously.

“I don’t know the details, but Priest Brukin and I are always on your side. Aren’t we family? If you need anything the future, you will always be able to rely on us. Then talk to the Priest, I have to go out to do some grocery shopping.”

After seeing Emily leave with a mischievous smile on her face, Julius nodded his head once and politely knocked on the door twice again.

“Priest Brukin, Inquisitor Julius Tapnel requests a meeting.”

“Come in.”

Hearing a deep voice coming from beyond the door, Julius opened the door and entered the room.

The room was simple. So simple in fact, that it didn’t fit such a grand church.

Brukin, an elderly priest with gray hair, and a neatly slicked back, greeted him. Behind him was a bookshelf filled with Scriptures containing the words of their God and an old desk that was the only luxury item in the room.

“It’s been a long time. Welcome back to your hometown, Julius. I am truly honored that the proud Inquisitor of the Kingdom of Lyriam has come to our church.”

“That’s too much praise. Priest Brukin”

Seeing the man with his head bowed bluntly, Brukin shook his head twice and continued speaking.

“The atmosphere around you has changed a lot in the time we haven’t seen each other. You, who used to be a carefree person, have become a very serious man. I saw the official letter from the church. I received an order from my superiors…no, an earnest request to send you back after a few years of cooling off.”


“It looks like something serious happened in the capital. The Slayer of Telmere, who slaughtered demons like crazy. The first guillotine of the God, the terror of Lyriam, the first inquisitor chosen by the Holy Sword Julius Tapnel, a fearsome heretic inquisitor who is said to make even crying children stop crying just by hearing his name.”

“…I just faithfully followed the will of the God.”

“The playful brat is gone and become a boring adult. I haven’t heard from you in 10 years. What have you been through?”


“If you don’t want to talk, that’s okay. I guess everything will heal with time.”

“…Thank you for your consideration. Priest Brukin.”

“Don’t stand there stiffly like that. Please sit down. Want a cup of black tea?”

“Yes, I will gratefully accept it.”

Priest Brukin didn’t show it, but he was very confused as he looked at Julius, who had become so rigid after 10 years.

Before he left for the capital, Julius was so playful that he was infamous in the village. The fact that 10 years later he had transformed into a completely different person was extremely worrying for those who raised him like their own child since childhood.

After putting down the tea in front of Julius, Brukin continued his speech while sitting on the old sofa that he had bought with great interest when he first came here 20 years ago.

“So, have you decided on where you will live in the future?”

“I heard that the church has found a house for me. It was the house where Grandpa Mila used to live.”

“He passed away comfortably, as if he was sleeping. I personally brought him to the God’s side.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I feel sad that I couldn’t be here in his last moments.”

“I see. You must have been busy in the capital as well, so there is no need to worry about it all. I think he will be happy if you buy a bottle of alcohol and visit his grave later.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“I’ll leave things at this point. You must be tired from the long journey. Go have some rest. We can talk about the things we haven’t finished later.”

“Then I will take my leave. Priest Brukin, may the light of the God be with you.”

“May the light of the God be with you.”

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